How to Choose to Buy a Used Loader Aug 09 , 2022
1. Choose the machine according to the construction situation:
At present, second-hand loaders mainly have more than 10 types of products with different tonnages ranging from 8 to 30 tons. The economic situation of the user and the construction situation to be faced are the most important basis for purchasing machines. What kind of working conditions determine which machine can bring the greatest input-output ratio.
First of all, for road construction operations and large coal mines, due to the large workload, long working cycle and spacious working environment, the supporting transport machinery has a load capacity of more than 10 tons. At this time, 5 tons or 6 tons should be selected. Loaders with a ton load capacity, which can improve work efficiency and reduce construction costs. For occasions where the workload is relatively small, such as earthwork, river sand, etc., products with a load capacity of 3 tons or 4 tons can generally be selected. For particularly small workloads, such as some small individual gravel fields, the supporting vehicles are generally small tractors , Generally, products of 1.5 tons or less can be selected to avoid excess operating capacity of the loader, thereby achieving economical and practical purposes.
Again, determine the loader with the corresponding travel speed according to the working conditions. For dense ores, solid raw soil or loose materials with less density, such as soil, coke, etc., due to their different working conditions, the selection of loader also has great differences.
For those materials with higher density such as solid raw soil and ore, due to the higher requirements on traction force (insertion force), products with lower working speed and larger breakout force and traction force should be selected to ensure normal use. Because loose materials do not require high traction (insertion force) of the loader, products with higher driving problems can be selected to achieve higher work efficiency.
Here's a summary of what to look out for when buying a used loader:
1. Appearance: Painted cars are absolutely not allowed. You have to believe that you are not so lucky. The appearance is new and the machine is good. Will the seller sell it to you at such a low price? Even if the machine is genuine, I am afraid it has already been snatched away. Pay attention to match the number of the whole car, engine number, frame number, bridge number, Liugong car should also have a number in the cab. For example, the frame number of the finished car is behind the left front wheel fender, where it was painted with white paint. Under normal circumstances, the numbering date of each part will not be separated for too long, generally not more than 3 months. If it is too long, it is necessary to consider whether it is refurbished and assembled.
2. Frame: carefully check the front and rear frames for cracks, welds, and paint. If there is, it depends on whether the location is important. Don't consider the machine in the vital part. If it is not the vital part, ask the reason.
3. Tires: Don't just look at the old and new tires. The new ones may be full-turned tires. Look at the brand of the tires, write down and check them down; for full-turned tires, pay attention to the surrounding of the steel rim (in the gap between the tire and the steel rim), Genuine tires are relatively smooth and tidy, while retreaded tires are generally not smooth and tidy; semi-retreaded tires are easier to see. For old tires, look at the teeth, whether there are openings on the edges, the size of the openings, and whether they are patched. It is recommended that as long as there is an opening on the side as a reason to haggle. Because the opening on the side is more likely to blow out the tire, it will cost you about 7000 for a tire.
4. Hydraulic tank: Open the oil filling port and smell whether there is a burnt smell, indicating that the temperature is high. Using a ruler, drop a drop of oil on white, non-reflective paper to see if there is any aluminum alloy powder, indicating that there is a problem with the turbine; normal oil should be clean and slightly red. This project is best viewed with the car doing half an hour of work. You should be able to hear the difference. It will cost about 2000 to replace the turbine.
5. Engine: The appearance should be clean, check whether there is oil leakage and antifreeze, whether the start is sensitive, there should be a slight blue smoke when the cold car is just started, there is no blue smoke in the hot engine, there is a slight black smoke at the accelerator, and the lower exhaust is normal. There is basically no smoke when there is smoke. If there is smoke, it should be white. If there is blue smoke, be careful. There is also a small experience. It is to see whether the engine coolant is water or antifreeze. The owners of the engine with antifreeze are more familiar with the machine. I love the machine very much. If possible, disassemble the air filter to see if the air intake is clean. The air intake of the well-protected machine is very clean.
6. Front and rear axles, wheel sides: the moving car turns to hear the sound. The price of the differential is 80O, the price of the pot angle teeth is more than 1,000, the price of the wheel is more than 1,000, and the labor cost is about 500, which is a lot of expenses.
7. Bucket: Check the thickness of the blade, whether the side plate and bottom plate are deformed and the thickness. Don't underestimate the bucket, the blade is 1600, the bottom plate is 1.2 or 1.0, and the size is about 2.8*80, and the sides of the side plate should be close to 2 squares. Not a small amount!
8. Water tank: The water tank must be completely cleaned after 3 years of water, otherwise the heat dissipation will definitely be bad. If the water tank is damaged and the scale is blocked, the water tank will leak as soon as the scale is washed off during cleaning. You can make up for it. If you can't make it up, you can change it, how many thousands!
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