What are the maintenance precautions for diesel forklifts in winter? Oct 31 , 2022
Diesel forklift trucks are widely used in our factory life. Under the low temperature conditions in winter, the increase of the fuel viscosity of the forklift truck is not conducive to the atomization and combustion of the fuel. Poor fluidity of lubricating oil increases the resistance of various moving parts. In addition, it is easy to cause difficulty in starting the engine due to the reduced working capacity of the battery. Parts are worn. Power is reduced. Fuel consumption increases and power performance decreases. In order to ensure that the forklift is safely put into use in cold conditions, the daily maintenance of the forklift should be done well. suggestions below:
1. Fuel use: According to the working environment temperature, use -10 diesel or fuel suitable for lower temperature.
2. Replace the corresponding oil in winter, such as gearbox, front axle, hydraulic system, rear axle, chain, etc.
3. Replace the antifreeze that is suitable for the ambient temperature, and check the working conditions of the water tank and the water pump. Before using antifreeze, the cooling system should be thoroughly cleaned, and high-quality antifreeze should be selected to avoid corrosion of components due to the quality of antifreeze.
4. When running at low temperature, the forklift should be properly lowered, and the snow chains can be installed according to the working conditions.
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