Disassembly and assembly method of forklift crankshaft flywheel set Jul 07 , 2022
First, the disassembly sequence of the crankshaft and flywheel of forklifts
The crankshaft and cylinder block are disassembled, and the disassembly sequence is as follows:
1. Remove the oil pan, then remove the oil pump, after the front and rear oil seal flange bolts of the crankshaft, remove the oil seal flange of the intermediate shaft and the intermediate shaft cover seat. Note that when removing the intermediate shaft from the gasoline engine, the gasoline pump and distributor must be removed first;
2. Remove the crankshaft main bearing cover bolts, remove each bearing cover and make a sequence mark;
3. After removing the crankshaft front oil seal flange bolts, remove the oil seal flange on the front oil seal seat cover; if the oil seal is replaced, the oil seal flange screws must be removed;
4. Remove the crankshaft bearing bush and connecting bush;
5. Remove the thrust washer;
6. Lift down the crankshaft and remove all crankshaft bushes.
Second, the decomposition of flywheel and clutch group
1. Forklift engine flywheel and clutch group. Fix the flywheel with a pressure tool (puller), remove the flywheel screw, and rotate the screw to pull out the flywheel fastened to the crankshaft of the engine. Remove the flywheel and remove the flywheel and clutch friction plate, pressure plate, release bearing and release bearing seat together;
2. Use a special tool to pry off the snap ring in a shaft, and then use a screwdriver to push a shaft into the gearbox; or some cars have a screw on the gearbox shell to slowly rotate to shrink a shaft.
3. Press the clutch pressure plate with the clutch pressure tool, or tighten the clutch pressure plate with screws, remove the pressure plate and the protective plate, take out the clutch pressure plate, and then loosen the bolt or pressure tool;
4. Loosen the fixing bolts of the release bearing seat, remove the release bearing seat and replace the release bearing;
5. If there is oil leakage from the oil seal of one shaft, remove the bolts, remove the rear oil seal seat cover, remove and replace the new oil seal and paper pad; when replacing the oil seal, use special tools to remove the oil seal. When disassembling, tap lightly on different parts of the oil seal until the oil seal falls off. Avoid damaging the oil seal seat, etc.

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