Forklift Overhaul Content and Acceptance Criteria Nov 24 , 2023
1. What does a internal combustion forklift overhaul include?
The items that must be completed for the overhaul of a forklift mainly include: breaking down the entire vehicle into every spare part; cleaning, rust removal, and primer application; adding lubricating oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, and brake oil. At the same time, the following repair items must be completed based on the technical requirements and wear conditions of various forklift accessories.
1. Power system, replace the following spare parts: cylinder liner, main bearing bush, connecting rod bearing bush, thrust plate, intake and exhaust valve, valve guide, push rod, tappet, camshaft bushing, bearing, cylinder head gasket, all Car paper pads, oil seals, oil filters, diesel filters, transmission belts, glow plugs, spark plugs, spark plugs, flywheel rims, friction plates, and all wearing and damaged parts. Repair the following spare parts: oil passage, water passage, radiator, starter, generator, pressure plate, fuel injector, crankshaft, carburetor, valve seat ring.
2. Transmission system:
1) Replace the worn bearings, oil seals, tooth surface worn gears, thrust and all damaged parts of the drive axle, repair the gear teeth, and adjust the gear clearance.
2) Transmission, replace the worn bearings, oil seals, worn gears and paper pads of the transmission. Inspect shifter and fork.
3. Steering system:
1) For the steering axle, replace the worn bearings, bushings at both ends of the axle, three-plate kingpin, steering knuckle kingpin and damaged spare parts. Inspect tie rods and ball heads;
2) Replace damaged parts of the steering gear and inspect the steering pump;
3) Replace the oil seal and roughen or bend the piston rod of the steering hydraulic cylinder.
4. Braking system:
1) Replace the cup and damaged parts of the brake master cylinder;
2) Replace the cup or assembly of the brake wheel cylinder;
3) Replace brake shoes and damaged parts;
4) Replace the damaged parts of the parking brake.
5. Lifting system:
1) Replace seals and roughen or bend piston rods of lifting and tilting hydraulic cylinders;
2) Replace the forklift mast and carriage, adjust the damaged rollers, adjust the side roller clearance, and correct the deformed mast.
6. Hydraulic system:
1) Test multi-way reversing valves, monostable valves, and oil pumps. If they do not meet the technical requirements, they must be repaired or replaced;
2) All hydraulic pipes that are seriously damaged or have leaky joints should be replaced.
7. Electrical system:
1) Replace the vehicle circuit assembly;
2) Replace damaged lamps and bulbs;
3) Replace all sensors and switches;
4) Replace all damaged instruments.
8. Assembly. According to the new car assembly process.

9. Paint.

1), paint color separation according to customer requirements; 

2), according to customer requirements or new car paint process.

2. Rough terrain forklift overhaul acceptance standards
1. There is no leakage, and the power reaches factory performance.
2. Test run and inspection. Inspect and accept according to new fork regulations and new vehicle inspection standards;
3. The process of minor repair of forklifts is basically the same as that of major repair, except that the technical requirements are appropriately relaxed.
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