What are the daily maintenance items for new and old diesel forklifts? May 30 , 2022
New diesel forklift routine maintenance items
When a new diesel forklift is first used, the forklift driver must first be familiar with the forklift operating procedures, and then operate it, and timely maintain and repair the diesel forklift to keep the forklift in good working condition for a long time. The specific maintenance measures are as follows:
1. The differential gear oil, reducer gear oil, gearbox hydraulic transmission oil or manual pull-out gear oil and engine oil should be replaced after the first 300 hours or so of working for a new diesel forklift. Replace all the new oil and then re-tighten all the tightening.
2. After the first 300 hours of operation, the diesel forklift should re-tighten the screws in various positions and tire screws, etc.
3. The generator, controller and battery pack of the diesel forklift should be maintained and maintained according to the regulations of the manual.
4. All connectors of diesel forklift trucks should be checked every 3 months.
5. Diesel forklifts should pay attention to waterproof and rust-proof work, avoid washing with water guns when cleaning, and avoid using them outdoors in rainy days.
6. Diesel forklift gantry lift racks should always remove old lubricating oil/butter and dirt on the gantry.
7. The surface of the diesel forklift battery should be kept clean and dry, and the location of the battery water should be checked frequently and the dirt should be removed.
8. After the diesel forklift is in normal use, the diesel forklift should be scheduled for regular maintenance according to the specific working hours or months of use.
Daily maintenance items for old diesel forklifts
The daily maintenance of diesel forklifts is mainly based on the cleaning, lubrication and inspection of various system accessories of the entire forklift. The forklift driver is responsible. The driver should strictly follow the content and technical requirements of daily maintenance. The abnormal state should be dealt with in time. The details are as follows:
1. Check whether the forklift fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and coolant are within the standard range;
2. Check the whole vehicle for oil and water leakage;
3. Check the working conditions of various instruments, signals, lighting, switches, buttons and other auxiliary equipment of the diesel forklift;
4. Check whether the forklift engine has abnormal noise and whether it is working normally;
5. Check the technical condition and tightening of the forklift steering, braking, wheels/tires and traction devices, whether the tire pressure meets the requirements, and remove the sundries embedded in the tire surface;
6. Check the technical conditions and tightening conditions of the hoisting mechanism, tilting mechanism, fork frame and hydraulic transmission system;
7. Check whether the on-board tools and common accessories are complete;
8. Check and adjust the gap between the brake pads of the hand and foot brakes and the brake drum;
9. Check whether the multi-way reversing valve, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and gear pump work normally;
10. Replace the oil in the oil pan, check whether the crankcase ventilation connection is in good condition, and clean the oil filter and diesel filter element;
11. Check the cylinder pressure or vacuum degree;
12. Check whether the shifting work of the forklift transmission is normal;
13. Check and adjust the forklift engine valve;
14. Check the tightness of the belt of the forklift cooling fan;
15. Check whether the thermostat works normally;
16. Check whether the engine generator and starter motor are firmly installed, and whether the terminals are clean and firm, and whether the carbon brushes and commutators are worn or not;
17. Check whether the oil inlet filter screen of the diesel tank is blocked or damaged. If found, clean or replace the filter screen.

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