Loader Operation Essentials
Jan 24 , 2024
The correct operation method of the backhoe wheel loader: The flexible and correct operation method of the loader can be summarized as: one light, two stable, three points, four diligent, five cooperative and six forbidden. One light: During the operation of the loader, press your heels on the cab floor, keep the foot pedal of the self-priming pump parallel to the accelerator pedal, and press the accelerator pedal gently. Second stability: During the operation of the loader, the throttle should always be stable. Under normal operating conditions, the throttle opening is about 70%. Three-way separation: During loader operation, the foot pedal should be separated from the brake pedal and placed on the cab floor. Never press the brake pedal.

Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to control the engine operating condition and gear shifting by controlling the throttle deceleration. The drum pump not only avoids overheating of the brake system caused by frequent braking, but also facilitates the rapid acceleration of the small front end loader. Siqin: During the operation of the loader, especially during the operation of the bucket, the bucket should be filled with materials by cyclically pulling the lift and dump levers with the throttle steady. The lifting of the metering pump and the cyclic pulling of the bucket control rod are called "diligence". This process is very important and has a great impact on fuel consumption.
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