Level 2 Technical Maintenance Standard for Electric Forklifts
Sep 19 , 2022
The secondary technical maintenance of the electric forklift truck is mainly based on the internal adjustment of accessories, the elimination of bad conditions, and the partial repair and replacement of accessories. The specific contents are as follows: Complete the first-level technical maintenance regulations and meet the technical requirements.
1. Check the gantry, fork frame, guide wheels and lateral guide wheels of the forklift gantry mechanism and adjust the gap; check the chain and adjust it; check the gantry and fork frame for cracks, welding and deformation; clean all parts.
Second, check the hydraulic system.
1. Disassemble and inspect the oil pump. When the oil pump is weak, noisy or overheated, it should be disassembled to check and troubleshoot.
2. Disassemble and inspect the oil cylinder. When the oil cylinder is weak or the oil leakage is serious, the oil cylinder should be dismantled and inspected, the failed oil seal should be replaced, and the cylinder block, piston rod, descending speed limit valve and other components should be checked, and the fault should be eliminated in time.
3. Disassemble and inspect the multi-way reversing valve. When the multi-way reversing valve has serious leakage and the operation is abnormal, it should be disassembled and inspected, the fault should be eliminated and the pressure value should be adjusted.
4. Clean the fuel tank, replace the hydraulic oil, disassemble and check the oil outlet filter, and check the hydraulic oil pipe.
3. Check and adjust the drive axle. Disassemble and inspect the reducer and the internal helical gear pair; check the wear and meshing condition of the main and driven bevel gear pairs; check the planetary gear and the half shaft gear pair; check the half shaft and housing; replace the gear oil; check the wheel bearings and brakes of the forklift truck.
Fourth, check the forklift braking system. Check the forklift wheel brakes; disassemble and inspect the brake master cylinder; check the brake oil pipes and joints; check the parking brake.
5. Check the forklift steering axle and steering system. Inspect forklift wheel bearings and tires; disassemble and inspect the steering knuckle shaft and steering beam beam; disassemble and inspect the sector plate and center shaft; disassemble and inspect the longitudinal and transverse tie rods; disassemble and inspect the steering gear; inspect and adjust the parts.
6. Check the electrical system accessories of the forklift. Disassemble and inspect the traveling motor, oil pump motor, and steering oil pump motor of the forklift; disassemble and inspect the speed controller, switches and electrical control boards; inspect the forklift battery box.
7. Check the forklift body and others. Check the overall metal structure of the forklift for cracks, welding and deformation and repair it; check the seat connection and foreskin; check the counterweight and other connecting parts; spray paint on the whole vehicle, repaint the logo and car number.
8. Under the conditions, the oil pump and multi-way reversing valve can be disassembled and inspected; if there is no condition, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the oil pump and multi-way reversing valve.
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